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Almost anyone can pour concrete, but to do it properly so it lasts the test of time is only something an experienced pro can handle. The experts at Van Hamme Construction, Inc. have over 30 years of experience in the concrete industry, so you can trust them with all of your concrete project needs.

Insulating Concrete Forms

When it comes to quality concrete products, no one beats Van Hamme Construction, Inc.  We even have blocks available for sale to contractors or the do-it-yourself, and our panel jack bracing system is available for rent if you need it.



• Energy efficient

• Helps maintain a constant temperature in the home

• Very little sound transfer from the outside

• Walls can withstand winds up to 300 mph

• Adaptable to almost any blueprint

• Can use same exterior finishes as a normal home

• No need for additional insulation

Don't settle for anything but the best! Call Van Hamme Construction, Inc. today to discuss your next project.

From concrete homes and shop floors to new foam foundations, poured foundations and foundation replacements, Van Hamme Construction, Inc. can handle all of your concrete, construction, masonry, and ICF needs.

Why ICF construction?

Experience really does matter

Cost is only 3-5% more than a stick built home, and that percentage is quickly recouped from the savings on your energy bills.



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